Compliant Global Payroll

Ensure continuous compliance with payroll regulations

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Centralized Global Compliance Framework

Our centralized global compliance framework ensures transparency and confidence in international payroll services.

Providing multinational companies with complete visibility into all statutory guidelines and tax requirements across their global footprint, with unparalleled transparency into filing schedules and statuses.

CloudPay manages the generation and submission of statutory filings and payments and comes equipped with issue tracking functionality and auditable processes for SOX compliance and internal risk management.

We take the guesswork out of global payroll compliance.

How We Help

Problem / Solution

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Regional Regulations

With varying rules and regulations from one country to another, it's impossible to stay on top of the latest legislation around the world.

Reliance on HR Team
Local experts

Understand all rules and regulations affecting your global enterprise, with CloudPay’s in-country employees and local experts to help you navigate the legislative labyrinth of in-country compliance.

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Changing Legislation

On top of regional variations, each set of regulations is constantly evolving. Unless you employ an army of regional payroll experts, you’ll struggle to keep up with these new regulations.

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Up-to-date Information

Access up-to-date, country-specific payroll requirements to ensure you are never reliant on outdated or partial information. Stay current with legislative changes as they occur.

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Tracking Filing Deadlines

With the multitude of different employment regulations comes an equally daunting list of administrative tasks and deadlines.

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Fast Access to Information

Monitor and track the compliance statuses of every payroll in your global footprint, with the ability to quickly view schedules and filing deadlines to allocate resources as wisely as possible.

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Data Breaches and Cyber-Crime

With global payroll teams having access to your organization’s most important data, cybersecurity and data privacy are likely a major concern for you.

top tier security
Top Tier Security

Mitigate all likely compliance risks with top-tier security and proactive issue resolution. Backed by more than 20 years of experience in global compliance.

New risks to global payroll, compliance and security

New Risks to Payroll Compliance & Security

Much has been made of the enforced shift to remote working, and the opportunity for organizations to establish a new normal of distributed teams. For global payroll though, it brings a number of fresh challenges relating to the safety and security of employee data