CloudPay and Mynd Solutions: A Story of Partnership Success in India

One of the core foundations of CloudPay’s success with global payroll is the strong partnerships that we have developed with payroll providers and technology experts all over the world. And at our recent Service Partner Summit, we were able to bring many of those valued partners together and hear first-hand how technology has put them at the forefront of the payroll revolution.

Among those partners at the Summit was Mynd Solutions from India, with whom we have 26 joint customers and process more than 18,000 payslips. Together, we have a formidable combination of CloudPay technology and Mynd’s knowledge of India’s often-complex laws, regulations, and compliance requirements.

“With prior planning, we ensured any hiccups were synergized flawlessly,” said Tamal Kanti Ghosh, Mynd’s Sr Vice President, Enterprise HR Solution & SSC, about the beginnings of the CloudPay relationship. “At the start hiccups are bound to happen, but with prior planning, proven SME knowledge, and a customer-centric and collaborative mindset, we overcame the challenges.”

Bringing different skills to the table

CloudPay and Mynd came together with the aim of maximizing payroll accuracy and minimizing the amount of manual intervention involved in payroll processing. Part of this was integrating new technology, such as hosting employees’ individual payslips on Workday, which CloudPay’s CM platform had moved to. This meant integrating the Mynd system with CloudPay’s interface and solving many challenges around payslip formatting through the collaboration of tech teams at both companies.

Another area where the two companies joined forces is ensuring that new employees onboarded into the CloudPay system are enrolled with the Indian government’s ESIC portal, within ten days of starting a new job. To help, Mynd developed a bot to pick up formatted employee data, load it into the ESIC portal page, and generate an ESIC number, without any requirement for manual intervention at all. The bot was also designed to ensure that sensitive data like personal and salary information was kept private and confidential throughout.

“The synergy between CloudPay and Mynd has been successful in establishing complementary skills that add a diverse perspective, which makes it easier to tackle any situation and develop innovative solutions,” Tamal said.

Going from strength to strength 

After more than a decade, Mynd and CloudPay are still working together to solve some of the most pressing challenges that Indian businesses face with payroll. At the summit, Tamal cited a perfect and very recent example of this: a new payroll technology implementation for National Instruments, which started in April 2023 and successfully went live in September.

The solution needed to cover around 300 employees, and a broad range of processes and functions, including payroll, reimbursement, superannuation fund management, treasury management for compliance payments, and flexi-options for employees.

This was a large and very diverse volume of work, so CloudPay and Mynd worked together to compartmentalize them into different categories, depending on whether they were financial, non-financial, technical, etc. As the project journey progressed, any changes to key processes and functions were carefully evaluated in terms of their overall impact and required approval by relevant stakeholders. This is where Mynd’s execution, aided by CloudPay’s strategic expertise and contributions, helped make the implementation such a success.

In summary

A big part of the strength of CloudPay and Mynd’s partnership is that they combine complementary skills for the benefit of both parties. However, there’s also some common ground in approach and philosophy that makes a real difference, especially in the need to be agile and reactive in a fast-changing business and payroll landscape.

As Tamal concluded at the summit: “The crux is pre-planning, consistency, flexibility and agility – always keeping the end goal in mind.”

CloudPay’s innovative approach to global payroll is supported by the expertise and skills of organizations like Mynd, and many others all over the world. Take a closer look at how they enable a true end-to-end approach to global payroll here.

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