CloudPay celebrating Global Payroll Week 2024!

You’ll hopefully be aware that this week (April 29 to May 3, 2024) is the seventh annual Global Payroll Week, a five-day worldwide festival of events that promote greater skills, education, training, and networking across the payroll landscape.

Held at this time of year to coincide with International Workers’ Day on May 1, Global Payroll Week is the chance for payroll professionals like us to help elevate payroll’s standing on the world business stage. And it’s for that reason that CloudPay is sponsoring GPW2024, organized by PayrollOrg, the recently merged combination of the American Payroll Association and the Global Payroll Management Institute.

We’re getting fully involved with GPW through the hashtag #GlobalPayWeek – and we hope you are too! – and this is just part of the activities and initiatives that we’re excited to be involved with over the next few days.

Expert insights into payroll technology

This Thursday (May 2), Stuart Gaston, one of our lead Solution Consultants, will be taking part in Payroll Org’s online panel discussion, focusing on the technological advancements and strategic implementations that set new benchmarks in global payroll operations.

Titled “Harnessing Technology for Global Payroll Transformation,” the webinar will start at 11am US Eastern time (4pm BST, 5pm CEST), and will help you explore the tech advancements and strategic implementations that are setting new standards across payroll. Stuart will explore five areas in particular:

  • Integrating new systems: practical strategies for integrating new technologies into existing systems, including data migration, user training, and change management
  • Data analytics and insights: how to harness analytical tools for greater insight into payroll operations and employee trends, and how they enable cost optimization and informed decision-making
  • Future-proofing payroll operations: how scalable and flexible technology supports all-important agility in a rapidly evolving landscape and enables sustainable, long-term growth
  • Automation and efficiency: how automating routine tasks and implementing intelligent systems for error detection and correction can drive increased efficiency and accuracy
  • Technology-driven employee experience: the impact of technology on employee experiences, and the latest solutions around employee self-service, digital payslips and real-time salary access that are transforming employee engagement

Find out more on the panel discussion and sign up here.

What makes you a Payroll Champion?

Once again, we’ll be doing our bit with our fun Payroll Champion quiz, a quick and easy way to find out just what type of payroll superstar you really are. Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers and it’ll only take you a couple of minutes to take part, and at the end, based on your results, we’ll place you into one of five categories focused on particular payroll strengths. 

  • Do you love a challenge and relish leading your team through the unknowns of payroll innovation?
  • Are you the one the rest of your team looks to for a resourceful, positive outlook?
  • Can you sniff out the insights that can help payroll deliver business intelligence and value?
  • Can your team count on you for support and collaboration when deadlines and supplemental runs are drawing closer?
  • Do you have the power to elevate payroll above and beyond the back office and exploit the knowledge within payroll data?

Whichever one of these five statements best fits your way of working will be determined by our quiz, so make sure you try it out when you have a spare moment this week.

Don’t forget to join us for our “Harnessing Technology for Global Payroll Transformation” panel webinar as part of Global Payroll Week 2024, and check out how CloudPay drives the modern pay experience.

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