CloudPay Wins at the 2023-2024 Cloud Awards

Being honored with an award for our standout global payroll technology is one thing – but retaining that award by winning it the following year demonstrates the value of our solution long-term. That’s why we at CloudPay are so proud to have received the Cloud Award for Best Cloud ERP/Payroll solution for the second year in a row.

The Cloud Awards have been running since 2011 and set out to celebrate the brightest and best in cloud computing all over the world, whether that’s individual people, teams, organizations, or technologies. As a result, the awards have become established as an industry standard for recognizing cloud computing excellence, and so it is a real achievement to win the same award in back-to-back years.

Cloud solutions for payroll or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are web-based, hosted on cloud servers, and are managed and maintained by the service provider remotely. While a cloud ERP solution will enable every facet of resource planning to be overseen in one place, a cloud-based payroll solution will focus more specifically on automating and managing payroll processes. These can include, and are not necessarily limited to, salary calculations, tax deductions, employee benefits, and payroll reporting.

What makes for a great cloud ERP or payroll solution?

 Ideally, a good-quality solution should be strong on the following characteristics:

  • Cloud-based: hosting software and data on vendor servers, and enabling easy user access through a web browser, removes the need for complex local installations that can be difficult to maintain and manage
  • Scalability: cloud solutions can easily scale up and down to meet organization requirements, and businesses can adjust their subscription plans to suit their demands without making any upfront capital investment
  • Automatic updates: regular updates and enhancements by the service provider expand feature sets for users, maintain compliance with evolving regulations, and install security patches
  • Cost-effectiveness: flexible payment and pricing options mean businesses can avoid paying for any services they don’t need, while a cloud-based solution naturally removes the need for expensive in-house IT infrastructure and maintenance
  • Accessibility: users can access data and processes in real-time from any internet-connected location, enabling remote work, maximizing productivity, and promoting collaboration between teams and stakeholders
  • Security: solid security measures ensure that sensitive data is protected from any malicious activity or unauthorized access, as well as maintaining data privacy and regulatory compliance
  • Integration: the best Cloud ERP and payroll solutions will integrate with other business systems, including Human Resources, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management); this enables a unified ecosystem built on efficiency and sharing of data across platforms

Why CloudPay stands out

At CloudPay, we work tirelessly to give our users and organizations a modern pay experience that’s fast, flexible, and certain. As well as putting the power of automation into the hands of payroll teams, helping them improve accuracy and efficiency, we’re also enabling new possibilities for employees through our on-demand pay solution, CloudPay NOW. We’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to innovate and to make payroll a bigger strategic asset to businesses as a whole, and this is one of the main reasons we’ve won this award in each of the last two years.

 “CloudPay is still a leading next gen payroll solution that continues to stand out from the crowd in terms of offering simple, flexible and innovative payment solutions to companies of all sizes,” said Christopher Southall, Lead Judge for the Cloud Awards. “With the global inflation and cost of living crisis, employees’ ability to draw earned wages on-demand is more valuable to those employees than it has ever been. As we stated on the last award: “keep it up, the world’s workforce as well as the world’s businesses need you”, which is perhaps even more true now as it was then!”

 Nick Webb, Chief Marketing Officer at CloudPay, added: “We are truly honored that CloudPay has been recognized as the Best ERP/Payroll Solution for the second year running – a fantastic start to 2024! This award really is testament to the hard work of our exceptional team members who dedicate themselves to improving the employee pay experience – ensuring employees get paid accurately, on time, every time, everywhere. In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud technology, this recognition highlights the pivotal role of CloudPay in leveraging the power of cloud computing to transform and elevate payroll solutions.”

Interested in making your organization’s pay experience faster, more flexible, and more certain? Explore CloudPay’s award-winning global payroll solution here.

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