Workday Rising US: Insights and Fun in San Francisco

At the end of September, CloudPay was proud to play a big part in Workday Rising US in San Francisco. The event in California brought together thousands of industry peers to gain insights and share perspectives on all things Workday including Finance, Analytics, HR, payroll, and the technology relating to it. It was an excellent four days full of energy and it was great to connect with so many people old and new to get the most up-to-date picture of the real-world, especially relating to the payroll landscape. We’re also proud to have sponsored four events at the show.

“Workday is CloudPay’s most strategic software partner, and as one of Workday’s five top-tier payroll partners, we were so pleased with this year’s event.” said Lisa Mahlum, CloudPay’s Vice President for Global Alliances. “Success is not measured just by the number of attendees, but by the meaningful connections made, knowledge shared, and collaborative opportunities unveiled (and the number of CloudPay monkeys that were adopted into new homes!) By that measure, this was a tremendously successful event.”

Medtronic and CloudPay star

As a Gold sponsor, we facilitated an excellent talk session during Workday Rising, and were delighted to host more than 150 attendees. “How Medtronic Accelerated Workday Adoption and Transformed Payroll with an Integrated Global Solution” brought together Leah Saarela, Senior Global Payroll Director at Medtronic and Sammy Molinaro, Senior Manager, Solutions Consulting at CloudPay. MicrosoftTeams-image (4)

Medtronic shared their experiences of using an integrated combination of Workday and CloudPay. The attendees got to discover that CloudPay has a best-in-class payroll integration with the Workday HCM, and that there is opportunity to take our integration even further across more countries. It’s clear that the session generated plenty of interest from those attending, as it generated plenty of questions and discussions at the CloudPay booth.

Ask an Expert Sessions

We were delighted to have two customers making regular appearances at our booth throughout the conference, A massive thank you to Tom Stephens from Wells Fargo and Leah Saarela from Medtronic for sharing their CloudPay and Workday integration experiences with the many visitors to our booth. Having great customers answering questions from prospects and the community is always a win.

AI and integration generate major interest

The two subjects that provided the most buzz around Workday Rising this year were Generative AI and integration, as visitors gained vital information on how they can take advantage of new tech possibilities.

Workday technologists shared a strong view on what GenAI can do from a HR and payroll perspective, and unveiled some new capabilities at the show. From our view, we found it fascinating to explore the ability of GenAI to improve payroll accuracy, and how automating error detection and analysis can lighten the load on payroll teams. A new global payroll API is being rolled out as an enhanced option to the PECI file interface, and as a top-tier payroll provider CloudPay is pleased to be having discussions about these topics with Workday.

At the same time, it was almost surprising to see how many visitors to our booth said they were finding it challenging and complex to manage payroll across multiple countries. Indeed, many were even skeptical as to the concept of a single, end-to-end global payroll platform, given how many nuances and details are involved in making it work. This made it extremely satisfying to show them the capabilities of CloudPay and demonstrate how our platform can work seamlessly with Workday HCM to bring efficiency and productivity to their global payroll functions. In particular, we showcased our best-in-class integration as evidenced by Workday’s Feature Adoption Matrix, an objective capabilities summary from Workday.

With so many customers, prospects, and partners to connect with, CloudPay hosted several after-hours events to ensure we didn’t miss anyone! We had a fantastic time at our CloudPay-hosted Happy Hour at the Dorian, at the Customer Appreciation Party – co-hosted with our partner TopBloc – at the Thriller Social Club, and at the epic OneSource Virtual evening soiree that we also co-hosted.

It’s at events like Workday Rising in San Francisco where we’re able to connect with people like you, who deal with the challenges of payroll every single day. It’s your real-world experiences and insights that help us improve the global payroll solutions we deliver all over the world.

And we’re over the moon that our Adopt a Monkey scheme continued to be a huge success, with over 1000 of our monkeys adopted into new homes over the course of the show! The monkeys were photographed all over the event and congratulations go to Ty Pittman, who won the prize for the most unique social post by Workday customers with the CloudPay monkey! Fantastic images, Ty!!!


CloudPay on the road

We’ll be appearing next at Workday Rising EMEA, at the Barcelona International Convention Centre on November 14-16. There, we’ll be exploring how AI and machine learning are supporting the future world of work, and how these intelligent innovations are already transforming payroll and HR operations.

To find out more about our Workday integration capabilities, or to discuss your specific needs around the modern pay experience, please get in touch with the CloudPay team.

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