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CloudPay wins at the 2023/2024 Cloud Awards

CloudPay Wins at the 2023-2024 Cloud Awards

Jan 9, 20245 min read

Being honored with an award for our standout global payroll technology is one thing – but retaining that award by winning it the following year demonstrates the value of our solution long-term. That’s why we at CloudPay are so proud…

CloudPay named a Leader in the Quadrant Knowledge Solutions 2023 SPARK Matrix for Multi-Country Payroll (MCP)

Jan 4, 20241 min read

Much of what we do at CloudPay is about removing the complexity from global payroll. We know that if your organization operates in several different territories, then there’s lots to contend with: languages, currencies, tax regimes, regulatory frameworks, compliance demands,…

The Leadership View: Thoughts from Roland Folz, CloudPay CEO

Dec 21, 20231 min read

PayMakers, our annual CloudPay event, brings together a community of payroll leaders, analysts, and professionals to share latest ideas, spark new possibilities, and shape the future. Paymakers 2023 was held in Barcelona this year and had a firm focus on…

Insights from Ralph Lauren: Elevating the Payroll Team’s Brand

Dec 12, 20231 min read

In a fast-changing world of work, businesses are increasingly realizing that the role of payroll has to change, too. As employees are demanding more flexibility and independence from their payroll experiences, employers need to manage these demands to retain their…

Why Employers Need to Rethink Seasonal Worker Payroll

Dec 7, 20231 min read

When thinking of payroll, it’s easy to fall into the trap of only considering the people who work relatively stable, full-time hours. But for many businesses all over the world, the reality can be very different. Millions of people take…

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