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Unified Pay Solutions

Unified pay solutions: how to streamline payroll & drive business strategy

May 2, 20244 min read

In the previous blog in this series, we highlighted some of the biggest challenges that payroll teams are facing in the modern business landscape; the common solution to all of them was the use of integrated technology. Bringing data, applications…

Global Payroll Week 2024

CloudPay celebrating Global Payroll Week 2024!

Apr 30, 20244 min read

You’ll hopefully be aware that this week (April 29 to May 3, 2024) is the seventh annual Global Payroll Week, a five-day worldwide festival of events that promote greater skills, education, training, and networking across the payroll landscape. Held at…

Strategies for global payroll success

Strategies for global payroll success: Overcoming modern hurdles

Apr 24, 20245 min read

Payroll is no longer just about compensating employees, even though that remains its primary purpose. Today’s payroll is so much more, because the evolving nature of the global workforce, and younger generations who prefer more digitized services, mean that payroll…

Four steps to a successful payroll implementation

Four Steps to a Successful Payroll Implementation

Apr 17, 20244 min read

The importance of implementing top-quality payroll solutions is huge, and more and more businesses worldwide are coming to realize the benefits of modern, integrated, strategic payroll operations. But behind the scenes, how does this work in practice? To find out,…

Shaping up for Success - Tackling Today's Payroll Challenges

Shaping up for Success: Tackling Today’s Payroll Challenges

Apr 10, 20245 min read

Historically, payroll has been overlooked somewhat by the businesses it serves, and only really gets noticed when something goes wrong. However, times are changing: the advent of advanced technology, automation, AI, and other innovations means payroll can now be a…

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