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Building a Successful Global Payroll RFP: Part 1- Creating an Internal RFP Strategy

Jun 28, 20171 min read

For multinational organizations, moving from a decentralized vendor landscape to a true global payroll solution involves multiple steps. Before a company can implement a new solution and onboard its Payroll team, it needs to build a business case, win internal…

5 Best Practices for Successful Integration

Jun 8, 20171 min read

Investing in an automated enterprise solution is a big decision, one that can impact aspects of your operations well beyond its immediate function. A global payroll solution, for example, can affect processes in HR, Finance, IT and even Sales. As…

Understanding Payroll Maturity: How Does Your Organization Stack Up?

Mar 9, 20171 min read

In conversation, payroll practitioners may describe their companies’ global payroll operations using many different terms – ranging from inefficient and error-prone all the way to streamlined and data-driven. Those descriptors are more than just adjectives. They’re clues into the features,…

Eliminating the ‘Gray Spaces’ Between HR & Payroll

Mar 7, 20171 min read

Human resources (HR) and payroll each play key roles in the employer-employee relationship. For either department to run smoothly, there must be collaboration between the two. At a macro level, however, the relationship between HR and payroll can be fraught…

Split the Difference: Understanding Double Taxation Agreements

Dec 13, 201610 min read

Monitoring the traffic of business visitors from abroad is increasingly becoming a requirement for Payroll & HR departments. Regardless of whether visitors are coming on short- or long-term secondments or are frequently visiting another country for a few days at…

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