Why Our Workday Payroll Integration Sets Us Apart

Chris Ward | Senior Business Development Manager, CloudPay

In recent years, payroll and HR have become much more complex endeavors, and as a result, many more solutions have sprung up to cater to the different needs and tasks in both areas.

Sometimes, this can do more harm than good, as a multitude of different siloed solutions leads to data duplication and inconsistency, inefficient processes, and unnecessary expenditure. At a time when payroll and HR are increasingly intertwined, the integration of these functions is critical.


Our partnership with Workday

Since 2012, CloudPay has been an official partner of Workday, the comprehensive HR software that helps businesses all over the world manage their workforces. The certified integration means that payroll and HR operations can be unified globally in a single platform, and over 100 Workday customers are already enjoying the benefits of this combination between two industry-leading providers. CloudPay currently has more than 2,300 live integrations across 80+ countries.

The integration takes many of the HCM data points collected and stored within Workday and uses CloudPay to turn them into payroll results and statutory documents. They’re processed through a unified payroll model that brings many tools and a global payroll database together, ensuring that users always get the best of both solutions.

The benefits of our Workday payroll integration

CloudPay integration means that Workday customers are able to unify their global payroll operations while reducing both IT overheads and the number of unsupported interfaces that the IT team has to manage. Support for both platforms is simplified, and costs can be reduced even further thanks to pre-built interfaces.

From a data perspective, the transfer of data can be automated and scheduled, so that it is seamlessly extracted from the Workday system for payroll processing by CloudPay. These data points include HR master data, payments and deductions, time and attendance, pay summaries, loans, pensions, and other vital employee information, feeding directly into CloudPay’s secure integration framework.

The end result is that payroll and HR teams get a single source for data input, and data flows in both directions, with error handling and data validation fully incorporated end-to-end.

Why choose Cloudpay?

Working with CloudPay means you’re partnering with an organization that understands payroll inside out. We deliver complete global payroll alongside standalone treasury services, global on-demand pay solutions, and support with national and regional compliance requirements. 

We have a long history of successful, bi-directional integration with Workday customers who want a similarly comprehensive solution for their payroll. Our robust, market-leading integration is currently running live payrolls in more than 70 countries around the world (a number that’s rising all the time).

A key part of our integration is our dedicated Workday practice team, which exclusively monitors, maintains, and continually optimizes the technology to guarantee ongoing success. It’s thanks to their innovation that our mutual customers benefit from tried-and-tested processes, and from systems that are both proven and predictable.

Our Workday certification

Given the sensitivity of the data involved and the importance of smooth payroll and HR operations to a business, we appreciate the value that customers place on credentials and certifications. That’s why CloudPay is fully certified as an Access Partner with Workday’s Global Payroll Cloud, the program that eases the deployment, integration, and management of third-party payroll solutions.

CloudPay was certified with Workday GPC over a nine-month period, which included examination of payroll inputs and outputs, rigorous testing, and detailed validation so that the smooth interoperability of our technology with Workday’s solutions could be guaranteed. That way, our current and future customers can integrate with confidence that their data and processes are protected and will run smoothly.

How our customers are benefiting

Businesses like yours have already made substantial gains and found major efficiencies thanks to the CloudPay/Workday integration.

For example, one of the world’s largest global eCommerce marketplaces was able to transform payroll processes and data security across 42 countries. They improved process efficiency and data visibility and cut their overall payroll costs by 11%.

Additionally, a globally recognized financial services business reduced its reliance on manual interventions to reach its accuracy and compliance targets. All of its European payroll data is now authorized and validated through APIs and algorithms and processed automatically with a full audit trail.

In summary

With so much data to collect, process, and secure, taking full advantage of integration and automation is critical to keep things running efficiently, consistently, and cost-effectively. CloudPay’s integration with Workday is delivering on all counts for businesses all over the world, helping them maximize the potential of payroll and HR in a fast-changing world of work.

To find out more about CloudPay’s market-leading global payroll capabilities, take a look at what we do here, then get in touch to request a demonstration.

Chris Ward | Senior Business Development Manager, CloudPay


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